Links to some of our favorite places online! 

Some of these are musical links, some are people or organizations who've contributed to the betterment of GiRL HOWDY, some may be doing other good things for the planet and some may be just for fun exploration ...  
Moonshine Holler - another band Paula plays with.
Slippery Sneakers - another band BeeDee plays with.
Quad Studios Lakeside - a great place to record, with Lou Gonzales sound engineer!
Rani Arbo - our very first fiddler, way back in 2003!
Natalya Weinstein - GiRL HOWDY's second fiddler!
Run MountainUncle EarlBruce Molsky, Twangbusters - some more combos Paula moonlights with.
El Toro Records - Rockabilly & roots music record label that released Betsy-Dawn's original CD "Rocket Girl".
Li'l BeeDee & the Doo-Rites - BeeDee's rockabilly, rhythm & blues side project.
Jeff Potter - a great musician friend, including sitting in a drums on several GH gigs.
Banner Queen - a true friend, who has come to many shows and has made BeeDee dinner on the road!
Fridge Queen - another great pal who has helped out GH countless times with our promotional efforts.
The O-Tones - a swing band whose leader is a dear friend and has supported GH in many ways.
Freecycle - a great nation-wide (United States) organization in which people can network to swap things!
Just Strings - a nifty place to buy your instrument strings at wholesale prices, and they also have single strings.
Steel Guitar Forum - a site devoted to this instrument we love, especially the non-pedal, "all by hand" version!
The Crooked Jades - Rose plays banjo and slide guitar with this West Coast-based band.
Festival Trek - a great festival search engine, created by our friend Guy Sussman!
Hudson Valley Dance - listings for lots of great swing dances!
The Swingaholics - another super swing band, "home of Country Swing and Twang-o-logy"!